PRize Pool

$ 30,000 USD


  27th April - 14th May

Players will compete individually in up to ten (10) ranked Matches each to earn Points, with numbers based on the player rank. Player must achieve sixty points to qualify for Stage 2.

  22nd May - 4th June

Players will compete as Teams in up to thirty (30) Ranked Matches to earn Points, with amounts based on the player rank. The top 128 teams from each region with the highest number of points will qualify for Open Finals.

  June 18-20 | Closed Qualifer
  June 24 | Top 16 Open Finals (Broadcasted)

The best teams from Stage 2 (up to 128 per region) will qualify for the ESL Play Open Stage. There, they will face off against each other in a double elimination bracket to determine the best 8 teams to qualify for the Challenge Season

  6th July - 23nd July

The top 8 teams from the Open Finals will play in a 3-week long, single round-robin tournament where each team will face every other team once.  The top 4 teams from here will advance into the Challenge Finals.

  5th August - 6th August

The top 4 teams from the Challenge Season will be placed into a double-elimination bracket. The winner will be named the number one team in the region!

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